Monday, April 21, 2008


Wow, sounds sooo cliche' but "Time, it REALLY does fly".....where does it go?? What have I done between last month(which seems like yesterday)and today?? which IS....right now....weird I've been going thru this "time" thing for a while. I get like this. Then to top it off, I'm in an altered matchbox swap and mine has arrived from my partner Tami. Guess what it's about????? Yep, TIME....She doesn't know me, or anything about me, but she did she know??? I will post a pic on the OTHER blog along with the one I'm mailing to her. The theme for the swap is "Share Your Secret" The one I made is called "Closet Pagan"
The pic of heart #3 is also finally up on the OTHER blog. I think Laurel really got a kick out of it.....every time she thinks about the ex, she can look at the heart and have a little laugh(at his expense) or she could just throw it at the wall.....or better yet,poke him in the ass with a little smile(literally hahahaha) Thanks for reading and looking....I'll be back soon.....(there's that time thing again)


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