Thursday, July 10, 2008

My poor,poor hammer

Success!!!!!! Let's get on with this escapade.....
As I said before, the rec center is is just a "hop,skip and jump" from the free bridge to the mexican border.
I am so thrilled and proud to be participating in this project,it's just too cool!!
So, we find a space to park right on the street in front of the building and start partner is teaching a sculpting class and has alot more to unload than I do....I throw my trusty Mudd bag over my shoulder and proceed to help her get stuff out of the back seat. I must tell you, this bag is just PREMO(as in perfect not the polymer clay)It has the perfect pockets for all my tools and supplies. My bench block, my hammer,my pliers and hand saw....all of them have a pocket they fit in perfectly.(I must have "perfection" on the brain hehehe) Even the wire has a space where it's quilted padding so it doesn't get mushed up(not yet anyway) Oh, I failed to tell you, a couple of days before the class I cut(by hand saw) about a pound and a half of 5mm copper jumprings for the students. Do you know how many rings that is???? It seemed like millions, maybe a billion shining little rings.....could it be a zillion??? Exaggeration for entertainment purposes only!!!!
As I'm leaning in to reach in the back seat,SMACK....somebody just smacked me on the butt.... I look up to see some kid ahead on the sidewalk on a bicycle. "You little PERV!!!!" Of course being almost 50, maybe I should have been delighted.....NOT!!!!
I turn back around and this is where things become a blur....a combination of slow motion and the speed of light.....Surreal.....
Another kid(on a bike) has just grabbed the strap of my beloved Mudd bag and all I can think is "NOT my bag, NOT without a fight you punk!!!" He grabs,I pull, and some how the strap of the bag is wrapped around the handle bars and he's hauling ass off!!! I scream some obnoxious explicatives(you know me by now) and he turns around to look back at me.......while this is going on, some man who witnessed the whole thing has jumped in his truck and is going after them!!!!! That split second the kid turns to look at me.....BOOM, he hits the street light pole and goes flying into the oncoming traffic....CRASH!! some guy runs over the bike,BUT that kid is UP and RUNNING with my DAMN bag!!! Then here comes the guy in his truck to save the day(mind you, this is all happening up the block ahead of me as I'm running toward them(what a joke) The kid pitches the bag at the truck and..........
Before losing this post,I'm publishing it and then goes(don't forget to pray)


Blogger Carol said...

oh my word, what a trauma, waiting with bated breath for the next installment :) reminds me of the adventures at Saturday morning pictures way back when LOL

July 10, 2008 at 12:29 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

OMG, how scary!

July 11, 2011 at 2:03 PM  

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