Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just so you know........

I'm over it, I'm okay now. BUT.....now we're wondering what a heart made of 3/4 of a block of black Kato clay (don't forget the probe stuck thru it) is going to do in 55 yr old plumbing????? in the toilet no less.......oh God


At moonrae1.blogstream.com there's a pic of the "prototype" after giving it a wash to bring out the lettering.I can see better now the letters are messed up(plus the back has fiber disease). I won't bother taking a pic of my toilet bowl to try to catch the ghost of "Number 2" I'll post a pic of "Number 3" the "FINAL" heart AFTER Laurel receives it.....no jinxin' this one

I'm mortified part ll

So the batting stuck....stuck!!!! I sit there and I pull all those teeny fibers off the heart.....bummer.....oh heck, it's okay,the texture is kindof' interesting so we'll make this the prototype. I'm a firm believer in "it happened for a reason" so I just start creating a new one. I change the wording a little and texture the heart and pop it in the oven......ON my trusty,dirty,old fiber blanket.....I've learned my LESSON, oh yea, no batting for me except to stuff the guts of my dolls.
I can't describe my anticipation.....I AM NOT screwing up another one NO WAY!!!! So here goes, I peek, it looks alright....I wait til it's completely cooled and open it up.....OMG, it's so bitchin'(some of you have to be from the 70's) and I'm sooooo happy jumping around and being silly (notice I said SILLY, not stupid....not yet) I drop Laurel a line (my partner) to tell her I'm gonna paint and polish it and get it in the mail wednesday....yippeeee.
I paint and polish it on my machine and I'm just beaming......it really is cool. So my husband is in the bedroom and I go back to show my prize to him. He goes on and on about how much he loves it(he's such a darling) He told me to get it wrapped and he'll mail it and the one for Tejae in the morning(today)which is a day earlier than I told Laurel I'd send. So I'm off to wrap it, but I need to pee real quick....even artists have to go potty haha Well I have on pjs that don't have a pocket so I set the heart on this box Charlie has on the back of the tank that holds his razor and shaving stuff.....I quickly do my biz and go to stand up and my knee kind of gives out, so I grab the side of the sink to help me stand up.....I stand up, turn around to flush, bump that box, and at the same time I touch the handle, the heart bounced, and YEP!!!!! there it goes!!!!! I tried to grab it as it went down(oh come on, I only peed) and it's a goner....I scream "SH#T!!%$#@!! and here comes Charlie running into the bathroom to find me just standing there staring into that "black hole". He makes some wisecrack like "you just figured out what THAT is???" and I'm yelling "NO MY HEART, MY HEART!!!!!!" Poor guy thinks I'm having a heart attack or something!!!!He tries to grab me and I'm screaming "not MY HEART!!!you Asshole,my heart!!!Laurel's HEART!!!!" He gets this blank look and says "Honey,I told you I liked it, God Sharon, you're so extreme!! I hope you took that probe thing you stabbed through it out before you flushed it...why couldn't you just throw it away??? or better yet, just give it to me??? I really DID like it....."

Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm so mortified I can't think of a title

Have you ever done something so utterly,ridiculously,stupendously stupid, you don't know if you're pissed or if it's funny?????? By the way,did you know that "stupid" is right after "stupendous" in the dictionary??...no kidding,it really is(you'll understand better after reading) Anyway......sit back, this is gonna take a while......
I'm currently participating in a "heart" swap on TejaesArt group. I must tell you, I was sooo thrilled to get the partner that I did.....I felt she would understand me and my wiseassness so she would probably appreciate a piece of my art......okay cool, I've got this great idea, so here I go. I create a heart....a pretty damn good heart....I'm gonna bake it and I notice my trusty piece of fiber blanket is showing it's age and kinda' dirty(oh God,sounds like myself...ugh)....that's okay, I remember the ladies chatting about using batting to set the hearts on while baking. Yea, I've got batting and it's the kind that doesn't burn, so why not?? Well, I bake my heart and I'm just waiting for it to cool(first time using Kato, didn't know if it might crack or what) I cover my PC pieces with an old pyrex loaf type dish when I bake and usually don't peek til it's room temp anyway.....I'm so excited.......so the time has come to check.....front looks great.....went to pick that baby up......and the batting comes up with it. That's right.....mine doesn't burn,nope no burning,my sh*t melts!!$##@!!!!! In case you're wondering......we haven't gotten to the utterly ridiculous,stupendously stupid thing I did yet.......I'm taking a break(maybe a long one) so you'll have to check back to find out just "How Stupid is Sharon???" Oh, trust me.......

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's time

The time has come to show the pics of my BJPs. Crappy as they are(the pics, not my BJPs), my friends are bugging me to post them, I think a few are wondering if I even followed thru. hehehe
Earlier this afternoon I wrote the longest post in blog history explaining what my June page was all about. It was full of emotion and rambling and personal reminiscing. It was quite fantastic if I say so myself.........so after personally spellchecking myself, I pushed that almighty powerful button "Publish Post" and off it goes, and goes and goes and goes........where???? I'm not sure.......but it's gone........an hour's worth of exposing myself and it's gone in the blink of an eye, or the push of a button. Wonder why??? maybe it's not the "right" time to expose those things. Soooooo.........below you will find "tags" of the meaning of my BJP 6/2007
Moon, art,age,my birthday,parent's anniversary,who is MoonRae, transition,transformation,dear Charlie,me the Goddess,moons,menopause,change,changes,changing..........yep,all about me....
you can see the pic at MoonRae1.blogstream.com
Here I go pushing that mighty button....wish me luck!!!!

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