Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poor hammer continued.....

The kid pitches my bag at the unknown hero's truck AND SMASH!!!! it hits his windsheild, flies open and then falls under his truck,he drags it and then it flips up behind the back tires and I see my $50 Swiss chasing hammer hit another car's hood and that's all she wrote.....he ran over it and the bag broke the handle, but the head stayed attached to what was left of it (oh those Swiss and their commendably made tools) During this, the unknown hero has grabbed the kid,you can hear sirens(somebody called 911)and there's all kinds of people stopped in the street and me running and yelling like some escapee from the psycho ward(which by the way is just 2 blocks away)and if you look over, you can see the original kid (the butt smacker)heading on the bikelane into Juarez(probably laughing his ass off)
Somebody taps me on the shoulder(which brings me back to reality and PUNCH mode)and I scare the heck out of some teenage girl who is pointing to the street and asking "Miss?? what's that????" I look over and in the road are a ZILLION copper jump rings,GLITTERING in the spring little jewels
be back soon (I Promise)

My poor,poor hammer

Success!!!!!! Let's get on with this escapade.....
As I said before, the rec center is is just a "hop,skip and jump" from the free bridge to the mexican border.
I am so thrilled and proud to be participating in this project,it's just too cool!!
So, we find a space to park right on the street in front of the building and start partner is teaching a sculpting class and has alot more to unload than I do....I throw my trusty Mudd bag over my shoulder and proceed to help her get stuff out of the back seat. I must tell you, this bag is just PREMO(as in perfect not the polymer clay)It has the perfect pockets for all my tools and supplies. My bench block, my hammer,my pliers and hand saw....all of them have a pocket they fit in perfectly.(I must have "perfection" on the brain hehehe) Even the wire has a space where it's quilted padding so it doesn't get mushed up(not yet anyway) Oh, I failed to tell you, a couple of days before the class I cut(by hand saw) about a pound and a half of 5mm copper jumprings for the students. Do you know how many rings that is???? It seemed like millions, maybe a billion shining little rings.....could it be a zillion??? Exaggeration for entertainment purposes only!!!!
As I'm leaning in to reach in the back seat,SMACK....somebody just smacked me on the butt.... I look up to see some kid ahead on the sidewalk on a bicycle. "You little PERV!!!!" Of course being almost 50, maybe I should have been delighted.....NOT!!!!
I turn back around and this is where things become a blur....a combination of slow motion and the speed of light.....Surreal.....
Another kid(on a bike) has just grabbed the strap of my beloved Mudd bag and all I can think is "NOT my bag, NOT without a fight you punk!!!" He grabs,I pull, and some how the strap of the bag is wrapped around the handle bars and he's hauling ass off!!! I scream some obnoxious explicatives(you know me by now) and he turns around to look back at me.......while this is going on, some man who witnessed the whole thing has jumped in his truck and is going after them!!!!! That split second the kid turns to look at me.....BOOM, he hits the street light pole and goes flying into the oncoming traffic....CRASH!! some guy runs over the bike,BUT that kid is UP and RUNNING with my DAMN bag!!! Then here comes the guy in his truck to save the day(mind you, this is all happening up the block ahead of me as I'm running toward them(what a joke) The kid pitches the bag at the truck and..........
Before losing this post,I'm publishing it and then goes(don't forget to pray)


Well, first let me apologize for being away soooo long!! We all know Blogger does not like Sharon and seems to decide when I can and can't post.....It has been almost a month and a half since I've been able to get on here. Please pray for me,and hope this post doesn't disappear in to that dark place that Blogger seems to send my overly long and explicit posts hahaha.
Yes I'm 50 now and still wondering how to act....Remember those days when "mom" used to say "act your age!!" What the hell does that mean????????
I'm going to push the dreaded orange "publish post" button and see what happens....If it posts, I'll proceed with my hammer story. Wish me luck

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Turning 50 and the Hostage Hammer plus the mourning of a GREAT Bag

What do these have to do with each other you may ask.....I don't know, nothing really, it's just the subject of this post.
Exactly a month from today I will be 50. Yep, the big 5 0. I'm cool with it, but I'm wondering just how I'm supposed to be acting. You'll be the first to know when I figure it out......just don't hold your breath or anything....hehe
So let's get on with the juicy stuff....
A few weeks ago I participated in a local artsy thing where artists went to different Rec and Senior Centers and gave some little classes on our chosen medium. Since my class was with teenage art students and they chose jewelry making in the questionaire, I decided we could do some basic wire and metal stuff. Then it came to me.....ChainMaille!! I'll teach 'em with copper wire to make jump rings and then teach them a pattern called "Idiots Delight" especially since the pattern can be made with one size of ring. It was taught to me in one of my very first jewelry classes at the school.
I was very excited the day of my class, it is 7 hrs with a lunch break and such, which is perfect cause ChainMaille will keep 'em busy and challenged the whole 7 hrs.
I failed to question where this center is since I don't drive and one of the other artists was picking me up and taking me there. I packed my tools and the instruction sheets in my FABULOUS Mudd?? bag and I felt like a "Real Instructor/Teacher" ya know, it's kindof' a rush, a power thing.....haha I know, it's a Rec Center class for God's sake, but let me have my little fantasy, cause real life is gonna come along and smack me in the butt real soon, yep, literally.....
This class was not in one of the more "Savory" centers here in El Paso, but hey, I'm not judgemental, and I happen to love some of the more artistic graffiti on the buildings and underpasses down there. Down there is a 10 minute walk to the bridge into Juarez,Mexico. You guys hearing about what's been going on here??? Terrifying....Bad enough that if Charlie knew that's where this was going on, he probably would have "suggested" I pass this time around....Of course we all know, he doesn't tell me what to do, but he's allowed his suggestions, in the end though, the decision is all mine.....well, you must know me well enough by now, that you're gonna have to come back and find out what happened cause I'm sleepy and I'm just a born tease......nighty night friends

Monday, April 21, 2008


Wow, sounds sooo cliche' but "Time, it REALLY does fly".....where does it go?? What have I done between last month(which seems like yesterday)and today?? which IS....right now....weird I've been going thru this "time" thing for a while. I get like this. Then to top it off, I'm in an altered matchbox swap and mine has arrived from my partner Tami. Guess what it's about????? Yep, TIME....She doesn't know me, or anything about me, but she did she know??? I will post a pic on the OTHER blog along with the one I'm mailing to her. The theme for the swap is "Share Your Secret" The one I made is called "Closet Pagan"
The pic of heart #3 is also finally up on the OTHER blog. I think Laurel really got a kick out of it.....every time she thinks about the ex, she can look at the heart and have a little laugh(at his expense) or she could just throw it at the wall.....or better yet,poke him in the ass with a little smile(literally hahahaha) Thanks for reading and looking....I'll be back soon.....(there's that time thing again)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just so you know........

I'm over it, I'm okay now. we're wondering what a heart made of 3/4 of a block of black Kato clay (don't forget the probe stuck thru it) is going to do in 55 yr old plumbing????? in the toilet no less.......oh God


At there's a pic of the "prototype" after giving it a wash to bring out the lettering.I can see better now the letters are messed up(plus the back has fiber disease). I won't bother taking a pic of my toilet bowl to try to catch the ghost of "Number 2" I'll post a pic of "Number 3" the "FINAL" heart AFTER Laurel receives jinxin' this one